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Authors Guild Back In Print, 2019 Edition: TRIANGLES OF FIRE

Triangles isn't a usual genre thriller, but an examination of an unexplored area of crime - professional arson, how it works and the people who inhabit that world. There are small time crooks and psychos who infest the arson arena. Some are nasty, some are as likable as any of your friends.  How do they work? What do they think? What do they do to get away with it? What are the tools and tricks of the trade? Why is there also big money in it?


At the center of TRIANGLES is one of their best, a guy named Stretch who wants to turn it into an art form. His motley group of clients each have their reasons for needing a torch. For each of them it echos the "That's just the way we do business here."


Then Tom steps in, a brilliant, highly motivated arson investigator - the Best in the West. He brings with him Captain Jonah, a smart, bold fire fighter of the San Francisco Fire Dept.


Into this scramble to light fires and to stop them two honest women become fatefully interwoven. What they do and have done is a major part of the story.


Finally, Triangles Of Fire is also about Fire itself with it's God-like life of its own. We need it yet fear it and, no doubt, have forever.


That's why Patricia Highsmith and John D MacDonald wrote brilliant cover blurbs, and it got so many really sparkling media reviews. It is about real people, real life, and what they do every deadly day.


From the time the famed editor, Susan Moldow chose to publish TRIANGLES OF FIRE (1984) it had bestseller sales and became a classic thriller. It went out of print in 1991.


When Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books a Million, the Strand, and thousands of independent book stores opened their doors to selling used books until today, it has never left their shelves and tens of thousands of used copies have moved to new readers. Now the Authors Guild Back In Print program is giving TRIANGLES a new life for a whole new generation of readers in both print and as an eBook.

 In searching online, add title and Siler (Triangles Of Fire, Siler.) Someone copied my title in 2018 minus just one letter.

In the U.S. and Canada, the 2019 Print Edition of Triangles Of Fire is available at all online sales and in most brick & mortar stores, chain or independent.. The eBook is also available everywhere.


In the UK, print is available at most online sellers and is getting into the shops, but it is still a couple of weeks away from some book stores.


In France both versions are already at Amazon and WH Smith is delivering print with a short delay. It's first Amazon review is 5-star.

A professional arsonist, the #1 arson investigator, a fireman, and the women they love. Triangles Of Fire is the story of their lives, loves, and deadly conflict.

Triangles of Fire, 2019 Edition, is available everywhere in English, both in print and as an eBook.


Patricia Highsmith, John D MacDonald and critics from NY to Chicago to LA praised it. Wouldn't you?


Here are the main reviews:


"... Siler is extremely knowledgeable on the subject of arson, and his characterizations of firemen and low-lifes are razor-sharp. And the conclusion to this ironic and neatly plotted tale is compelling."

Publisher's Weekly



"This is a crisp, compelling cat-and-mouse yarn of arsonist vs arson investigator set in the Bay Area that engenders empathy for the good guy and bad guy while detailing the methods and madness of arson-for-hire.

Siler shows great care for his characters, his story and subject area, and his language."

Los Angeles Times


"... As San Francisco becomes blistered by suspicious blazes, the two men are pitted against each other, drawn by a common bond and both faced with classic moral dilemmas. The author draws an authentic view of "the fastest growing crime in America"."

Los Angeles Times/The Book Review


"... a hot summer read…Siler was once an arson investigator, and it shows in his inside stuff about fires, how they start, and how firefighters combat them. The plot is another plus... Siler's yarn crackles like a five-alarm fire."

New York Daily News


"This is an unusual book. Every firefighter will identify with this novel."

Fire Chief (Magazine)


"Arson, a fascinating crime for the often darkly psychological motivations of the arsonist, for the utter devastation of lives and property, and for the tons of dirty money being made on it, does not get the attention it deserves from the writers of thrillers. But here, set in San Francisco, is a story far more dramatic than most murder mysteries. ... A compelling, explosive story of an ultimate moral dilemma, according to John D. MacDonald, who knows a compelling, explosive story when he sees one."

Chicago Tribune




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