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In the U.S., the 2019 Print Edition of Triangles Of Fire is available at all online sales and in most brick & mortar stores, chain or independent.. The eBook is also available everywhere.


In the UK, print is available at most online sellers and is getting into the shops, but it is still a couple of weeks away from some.


In France both versions are already at Amazon and WH Smith is delivering print with a short delay.


For 8 years it was in print as a Dell/Doubleday book. From then until today it has constantly been sold everywhere by both online and brick & mortar stores in the used book department and sold well.


TRIANGLES lived by word of mouth and great critical reviews from Patricia Highsmith, John D MacDonald and a lot of book critics. It has become a classic read in the world of thrillers and suspense, for those fascinated by crime and fire, and for lovers of a well told story of real people, not stock shot charicaturizations. It was the first book written on the subject of arson by professionals.


Tattered, yellowed copies of the original still move in and out of all the online book sources for used books, but it was never an ebook until now and for those who want the feel of a book in hand, it's also Back In Print.


The Authors Guild is honoring it in a new edition for a new generation by choosing it as one of ten for it's Back In Print pilot program.