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Triangles Of Fire

First, let me point out that there is a cult that uses this title.
Secondly, a writer of a novel recently used my title minus the s in Triangles.


Both as an independent insurance investigator and as a disaster loss adjuster I had the occasion to investigate arson cases and work with specialists in the field.

It dawned on me one day that professional arson is a fascinating and unusual crime. It is committed for almost as many reasons as murder and often the result is as deadly, yet no one had written the story of the crime and its intricacies or of the people who specialize in it and their reasons. The other side, specialists in arson investigation, private and public, and their work had never been the prime subject of a novel. Only firemen had been book length subjects, but not with professional arson as the central subject.

I started this around a case I’d actually handled, then expanded it to encompass others. There are techniques that no one had ever written down and others as dumb as putting a match to gasoline. If there’s a lot of invention, it’s because many inventive minds light fires as their business. Most often it’s not a spur of the moment event, but one that is planned and thought out, whether for money, vengeance or madness and I explore the many causes in TRIANGLES.

For some primeval reason, fire fascinates us whether it’s watching the logs in a fireplace or seeing a fire out of control. It’s both natural and unnatural, frightening and soothing, even romantic, but when it is arson, fear dominates the show. So TRIANGLES has the gamut of professionals who cause it, firemen who put their lives at risk to stop it, and a private investigator who knows everything about finding who set it, yet he’s still stymied by this torch, Stretch Jackson. It is about their lives, loves, and families. And as the Editor of Fire Chief magazine said, every fireman will recognize himself in TRIANGLES OF FIRE.

Hovering over them all is The Fire God, the demon who almost seems to have a will of its own.